A different breed of thinkers

Our leaders are visionaries. They think about the future, are intimately involved in the details of the business, and are committed to a fundamental re-imagining of what it means to age.

Andrea Cohen

Andrea Cohen is a social entrepreneur dedicated to transforming the way care is delivered to seniors at home. As HouseWorks co-founder and CEO, her vision crystalized over 20 years ago when she took care of both her parents and made an unwavering...
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Ann Masterson

HouseWorks’ Chief Operating Officer Ann Masterson has spent her entire career working with organizations dedicated to helping seniors live their best lives.  With over 25 years in the senior services industry, Ann continues to...
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Regina Izmaylova

Regina Izmaylova has been a finance professional for over ten years. In her current job as Director of Finance for HouseWorks, Regina manages a team that oversees all accounting and financial reporting, budgeting and business systems. She serves as...
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Tony Wolk

As HouseWorks' Executive Vice President of Development, Tony Wolk brings more than 23 years of business, transactional, corporate development and legal experience to HouseWorks.  Tony began working with HouseWorks in September 2017 and...
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