Entrepreneurial, collaborative and connected

HouseWorks was founded 20 years ago by Alan Solomont and Andrea Cohen. The business crystallized after Andrea Cohen took care of both her parents and became committed to making what she went through easier for other families. For more than two decades, Andrea has been instrumental in changing the way care is delivered to seniors at home.

Since opening our doors in 1998, HouseWorks’ fundamental innovation has been an entrepreneurial approach to service delivery that returns a sense of control to adult children and their parents. Rather than telling our clients what they can or should have, we listen to what they have to say, speak to them as peers, and respect their point of view.

Our dedication to serving seniors goes beyond customer-driven home care—it also means giving back and forming active affiliations with organizations that share our commitments. Whether sitting on not-for-profit boards, supporting charitable events, mentoring the next generation of leaders or pushing policy agendas that support aging—giving back is engrained in the HouseWorks’ culture..


"To reimagine aging by infusing energy and creating choice that goes beyond what anyone thinks is possible. Together."


Aging reimagined. Create new options for families who want to think differently about every aspect of their home care experience.

All working in complete synchronicity. Develop cross-industry collaborative relationships that support innovation, measure outcomes and bring ‘order to the chaos’.

Ordering the chaos. Thoughtfully manage care transitions to decrease readmissions, reduce end-of-life spending, and improve outcomes.

Integrative health care at home. An expanded, holistic service network that meets its clients’ needs, not the other way around.

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