Making Home a Safer Place

HouseWorks' holistic service network shares the belief that choice, control and the ability to feel safe at home are non-negotiable. With 20 years of experience, the HouseWorks Home Modification team has a proven track record and a unique set of skills. From supplying and installing adaptive equipment to cleaning out the most cluttered homes, our team helps create an orderly and clean space that promotes safety, maximizes independence and supports well-being.


HouseWorks prepares a home for hospital discharge. HouseWorks supplies and installs adaptive equipment, including grab bars, hand-held showers and transfer aids. Our trained and experienced handymen install each piece of equipment with great care and take into account the specific needs of each client. We customize each job and always use materials of the highest quality and make sure everything works exactly as it should.  

Providing seniors with mobility at home can be difficult. We know that little changes in the use of space, furniture arrangement, lighting and storage can make a big difference. Our team is available to move bedrooms from the second to the first floor if stairs are too difficult to navigate or can add lighting to create a clear path from the bedroom to the bathroom. Small changes make all the difference following a hospital discharge or a return home from rehab.


When cleanup is bigger than you are. Sometimes a house needs more than routine cleaning. Getting ahold of the situation returns a sense of control. Our Boston-based team has met every cleaning challenge imaginable with sensitivity and good judgment.

HouseWorks prepares your home for sale. When moving is the best option, HouseWorks can clean out a home from attic to basement. We can paint interiors, make small repairs, pack belongings, dispose of or donate unwanted items, and make recommendations for increasing the residual value of the home. Best of all, we see the work through to completion.


Bed bugs are easy to get and tough to eliminate. They spread through tiny cracks in the walls, come in on contaminated furniture, and 'hitch-hike' on clothing. Once they come into the house, a prompt response is essential to get them under control. 

HouseWorks has helped families manage bed bug infestations for nearly 15 years. We work with you to make a plan, prepare your home, and help get things back in order post treatment. It's a coordinated effort—our team works closely with pest management companies and laundry services to make sure every step of the process is synchronized. We understand the sense of urgency involved, and make every effort to accommodate emergencies within 24 hours. 


Exceptionally Helpful

"It was such a relief and so easy once I started working with your organization. Everything went very well, and everyone was exceptionally helpful."

HouseWorks client, Somerville