Every Home Care Service You Need

We get it—he wants to read the paper in his favorite chair by the window. She wants to surround herself with family, a home-cooked meal and fresh flowers from her garden. We make it happen. Our home care team problem-solves, manages challenges and provides clarity through each transition.


We help with the not-so-little-things. HouseWorks Caregivers can assist with everything from showering and dressing to running errands; they prepare favorite meals, pick up medications, and encourage exercise and proper nutrition.


It can be hard to keep track of when to take what. Whether it’s remembering to take a daily pill or adhering to a complex post-surgical regimen, HouseWorks Caregivers provide medication reminders to help clients maintain their optimal health.


We forge a true connection. Watching a loved-one slip away is a sad and painful experience. The effects of dementia often bring stress and tension in their wake. Our experienced team works hard to ensure the perfect match, because the right Caregiver, a familiar and structured routine, and a safe environment can make this difficult challenge so much more manageable.


Although curing is not always possible, caring is. Our team knows how important it is to be fully present and to help the family anticipate what’s next. They work in complete synchronicity with the client, the family and the hospice care team to create meaning and achieve a sense of calm.


Life is about sharing experiences. For some people, companionship means a spirited debate about current events. For others, it’s the promise of a leisurely walk to the park. Families are relieved knowing their loved-one is trying new activities, reviving passions and interests, and is not alone.


We know that handing over the keys is hard. That’s why we don’t think about providing transportation as simply getting our clients to where the need to be; instead, we know it's about bringing Susan to her weekly lunch date or Reggie to a last minute doctor’s appointment. We do our best to help our clients feel independent and in control.


We offer choice and stability for clients who need 24-hour care at home. Live-in services are a great option for clients who sleep well at night. Live-in Plus Nights and Hourly Awake Services provide an extra level of support to clients who need assistance through the night hours.


It’s important to have a plan. Recovery does not end when a patient leaves the hospital. In fact, patients are most vulnerable during the period immediately following discharge. Our Caregivers help prepare for discharge—picking up medication, rearranging furniture, preparing meals—doing whatever needs to be done to make the transition to home successful.


Fitness has no age limit. Being in good physical condition helps reframe what’s possible. Whether engaged to promote a strong and fast recovery, or to build strength and renew energy, the FIT@Home team of certified fitness specialists motivate, encourage, and get results.


Real Concern and Compassion

"The Caregiver we worked with was always trying to find ways to make my mother more comfortable, suggest things for her to eat or drink, and make a difficult situation a little easier. She did not work just to do the job; she showed real concern and compassion. Her attitude was wonderful and her upbeat spirit in the house was what my mother and family needed."

Daughter of HouseWorks client, Dedham