She’s hard of hearing and has short-term memory loss. Like lots of people, when she’s in the doctor’s office it can be hard for her to take in what’s being said.

Yes, HouseWorks can accompany your mom to the doctor and even take elderly assistance a step farther. First, a HouseWorks Caregiver will meet your mom at home. If she’s wheelchair bound, we will assist in getting her into the vehicle. We will also help with any personal health care needs that may arise before, during or after her appointment.

During the appointment, our Caregiver will sit in and take complete notes. They’ll write down the doctor-recommended follow-up steps as well as the time and date of any future appointments that are scheduled. HouseWorks will contact you promptly, either by email or phone, to let you know what was learned during the appointment. If you like, we can also email or call your mom to review what was discussed during her appointment and to remind her of any upcoming appointments or new prescriptions.

Finally, since your mom is hard of hearing, our Caregiver will advocate on your mom’s behalf by letting the doctor know to speak up and to speak slowly and clearly. The presence of a second set of ‘eyes and ears’ in the examining room is a great benefit for clients and helps to put family at ease.