My father needs a ride to his doctor’s appointment and I have to work. Does HouseWorks provide elderly non-emergency transportation around Boston?

Yes, HouseWorks can absolutely provide non-emergency medical transportation around the Boston metro area. A HouseWorks Caregiver can pick him up at home. Unlike a traditional taxi service, our Caregivers are trained in elderly assistance. If he’s wheelchair bound, we will assist in getting him into the vehicle. Our Caregiver will wait with him at the doctor’s office, and then take him home. Once home, we’ll also make sure he is safe and settled comfortably. 

Can a caregiver go with my mom to her doctor’s appointment to take notes?

She’s hard of hearing and has short-term memory loss. Like lots of people, when she’s in the doctor’s office it can be hard for her to take in what’s being said.

Yes, HouseWorks can accompany your mom to the doctor and even take elderly assistance a step farther. First, a HouseWorks Caregiver will meet your mom at home. If she’s wheelchair bound, we will assist in getting her into the vehicle. We will also help with any personal health care needs that may arise before, during or after her appointment.

Can a Caregiver drive my father on errands and help get him out of the house more often?

HouseWorks strongly advocates for the idea of aging-in-place. Helping elderly clients to remain engaged and present in their lives is the foundation of the HouseWorks home care service model. Health experts tell us that isolation can take a toll in many different ways, both physically and mentally. The continued ability to do errands, visit friends, attend club meetings, pick up some groceries, or simply go to the library represents a key contribution to our clients’ general well-being and to their mental health. 

How will I know when it’s time to get help for my parent?

Acknowledging that it may be time to get home care assistance can be daunting, yet this is one of the most important conversations you may have with a parent. Honestly assessing your own capacity as a caregiver takes courage, but is critical to everyone concerned. Regardless of how much you love your parents or how much energy you have, there may come a time when it gets to be too much. You may find you need support sooner rather than later, so HouseWorks recommends that clients begin the conversation before a crisis arises—while everyone involved can fully participate.  

My father is very lonely and we work during the day, so we can’t always be with him. Can HouseWorks help, even though he doesn’t need any nursing care right now?

Yes, HouseWorks can help you find an elderly companion. While HouseWorks' staff is predominately comprised of Certified Nurse Assistants and Home Health Aides, we also provide companionship-only services. In fact, it can be very beneficial for your father to develop a relationship of trust with a Caregiver now, before he needs additional care. 

How do I get help for my aging parent in Boston?

With an elderly parent it can be hard to know where to begin, especially when the stakes are high and time is short. That said, there are many sources of information and advice available for seniors and their families in Greater Boston.

Words to the Wise

Get help from the start – from family, friends, and professionals. Resist the impulse to do it all yourself.

Never rely on a single source of information or advice when making eldercare decisions.

Expect at least one false start. Don’t rush to fix the problem.

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