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How do I prevent falls in the home?

Falls prevention is an essential consideration for seniors and represents one of the most important steps we can take when helping elders ‘age in place.’ As we grow older our eyesight, balance, and reaction time may diminish gradually. Our bones become more brittle and injuries take longer to heal. Sometimes, just making a few simple changes around the home can help prevent a fall.

How to get rid of bed bugs in the home?

Bed bugs are a growing problem in many communities and eradicating them has become a serious challenge. Unlike other pests, they are not a result of poor housekeeping and do not spread disease, but they are very annoying and can be a great source of anxiety. 

My father was living alone in our family house. Now that he’s passed away, we need to go through all of his things and prepare the estate for sale. We need more help than a regular cleaning service can provide. Can HouseWorks help?

Yes, our HouseWorks Home Modification department can help to clean out your house. Whenever a parent dies, it can be overwhelming to think about what your next step should be and harder still to actually take action. Contacting a member of our Home Modification team is the perfect place to begin. HouseWorks goes above and beyond what a typical cleaning or housekeeping service would provide. A HouseWorks team member will come to assess the home and coordinate subsequent cleanout.

My loved one is a hoarder. What can I do?

Hoarding is a serious problem, defined as a pattern of excessive acquisition of objects in one’s living space. It is a form of mental illness, not limited by physical or mental stamina.

Also described as ‘heavy cluttering,’ hoarding is a compulsive disorder that impacts a person’s health, safety and social interactions. Those who want to help a hoarder are often faced with a multitude of challenges that can strain the relationship.  

What is the Difference between Clutter and Hoarding?

Clutter is in the eye of the beholder. Every home has some degree of clutter, whether it is knick-knacks on a shelf, books, papers, or hobby materials. Most people are able to keep their clutter under control. In homes with serious hoarding, however, there tends to be one or more rooms that cannot be used for their intended purpose because they are so heavily cluttered. This is a sign that intervention may be needed.
Hoarding: What it looks like
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