Choosing Private Care

When it comes to selecting private home care, you'll be faced with important choices. Should you hire someone yourself? Use an agency? Are all agencies the same? If you hire on your own, there's a lot to consider. It takes time to interview, check backgrounds, work out a schedule, find back-up, provide the paycheck, and deal with all the tax and liability issues.

Basically, you have three choices

One, you can hire help on you own, which means you take on all the responsibilities of an employer. Two, you can choose a placement agency (or registry) that screens and matches, but does not manage, home health workers. Or, three, you can use an employment agency, which screens and matches home care workers — as well as manages and pays their wages, as well as handles employment taxes and workers’ compensation insurance.

All things considered, it makes sense to use an employment agency like HouseWorks. At a comparable cost, we're there for support, so you don't have to deal with the logistics by yourself.