Boston Business Journal: "The Business of Health Care and Senior Living"

According to the Boston Business Journal, seniors make up nearly 13 percent of the population and are projected to account for about 20 percent of the population by 2060.  Given the high demand, increased expense and the emphasis on patient-centered care, health care providers are being challenged to create new options for families who want to think differently and manage every aspect of their health care experience.

Shifting the Paradigm: Tech-Enabled Home Care

The integration of in-home service and technology is necessary to create cohesive and comprehensive aging-in-place solutions. Recent investor interest in the private in-home care (nearing $300M in 2016) produced new integrated models and innovative strategic partnerships. Although the ‘end game’ is not clear, the industry recognizes technology’s role in meeting the needs of future home care clients.

Support for Hurricane Matthew

The Huffington Post calls Hurricane Matthew “the fiercest Caribbean storm in nearly a decade.” Matthew wrought widespread destruction and catastrophic loss of life during its journey across the Western Atlantic. With an estimated 2 million people affected in the Caribbean, CNN calls it the “Three Days of Terror.”  

A Story by the NY Times: "Love and Burnout: Caregivers, Too, Need Care"

On September 2nd, the New York Times featured a story, written by Constance Gustke, about a couple struggling after the wife fell under the spell of early-onset Alzheimer's. The Times wrote, "He quit his job as a well-paid sales represenative in the printing industry and becamse his wife's 24-hour caregiver: dressing her, doing laundry and scheduling social visits with friends.

Age is Nothing but a Number...

At HouseWorks we thrive on inspiration. Check out this article featured in Yahoo!Beauty about 80 year old body builder, Ernestine Shepherd. Below, we’ve listed a few of Ernestine’s keys to motivation:

Hi2 Conference: Andrea Cohen on the future of Private Home Care

Yesterday our fearless leader and CEO Andrea Cohen spoke at the Health Innovation and Investment Conference (HI2) in Chicago, Illinois where innovation, talent, and capital came together in hopes to change the future of healthcare. These healthcare visionaries have many great ideas to help improve their companies and tackle the current obstacles in the industry. Ideally, capital investors are going to help make these ideas turn into reality.

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