Support for Hurricane Matthew

The Huffington Post calls Hurricane Matthew “the fiercest Caribbean storm in nearly a decade.” Matthew wrought widespread destruction and catastrophic loss of life during its journey across the Western Atlantic. With an estimated 2 million people affected in the Caribbean, CNN calls it the “Three Days of Terror.”  

Specifically in Haiti, where 25% of our HouseWorks workforce is from, the hurricane destroyed homes, school, and hospitals. Saint Antoine Hospital in Jeremie “struggles to operate. The hurricane decimated the top floor of the main building…an inch of water stands in the main hallway amid scattered hospital gurneys and ruined medical equipment” (CNN).

Dr. Charles-Patrick Almazor, Partners in Health’s (PIH) chief medical officer in Haiti said shortly after the hurricane left the Caribbean, “Though the storm has passed, experience tells us that the worst is yet to come.” According to Dr. Paul Farmer, a co-founder and chief strategist of Partners in Health explains that “This will not only be acute illness and injury, but also—because of deforestation—there will be flash floods and loss of infrastructure.”

Partners in Health supports 12 health centers in Haiti’s central region that manage care for patients in their homes and in their communities. Of those centers, 10 of them are cholera treatment centers.

To show our support for Haiti, and our dedicated team of Caregivers, HouseWorks made a donation to Partners in Health. We encourage you to join us in supporting Haiti and all of the families and friends who were affected by the hurricane’s destruction. We hope that our small contribution can help support those who were affected by Hurricane Matthew. 

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