Shifting the Paradigm: Tech-Enabled Home Care

The integration of in-home service and technology is necessary to create cohesive and comprehensive aging-in-place solutions. Recent investor interest in the private in-home care (nearing $300M in 2016) produced new integrated models and innovative strategic partnerships. Although the ‘end game’ is not clear, the industry recognizes technology’s role in meeting the needs of future home care clients.

At HouseWorks, we are future thinkers, always planning for what’s possible. By wrapping in technology, our vision is to provide families with tools to manage care efficiently and effectively and stay as engaged in the process as they would like. Our Caregivers will deliver care that exceeds expectations—as they have control over their schedule, get ‘real time’ information, feel a personal connection and see the potential for professional growth. We will attract and retain top talent—all who use data to guide clinical decision-making and have the tools to constantly communicate.

To learn more, please find a link to Tech-Enabled Home Care 2017 Research Report written by Laurie Orlov—a tech industry veteran and the founder of Aging in Place Technology Watch