HCA's Talking Care: Andrea Cohen on Challenges and Successes for Private Home Care

Our CEO, Andrea Cohen, did a podcast last week with Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts about the challenges and successes of private home care. In this episode, Pat Kelleher, Executive Director of the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts talks with Andrea on topics including:

  • ·    A primer on private care home care (what it is, who it serves, what it offers, is it affordable, etc.);
  • ·    How private care agencies earn their clients’ trust;
  • ·    How technology empowers agencies and families alike;
  • ·    What private care agencies are doing to overcome workforce challenges; and
  • ·    What the future holds for the industry in the post-Baby Boom years.

You may directly download the podcast here (Length: 27’54”; Size: 13 MB).

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HostPatricia Kelleher, Executive Director of the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts.

Guest: As the co-founder and CEO of HouseWorksAndrea Cohen’svision crystalized over 20 years ago when she took care of both of her parents. HouseWorks’s fundamental innovation has been an entrepreneurial approach to service delivery that returns a sense of control to adult children and their parents.