Age is Nothing but a Number...

At HouseWorks we thrive on inspiration. Check out this article featured in Yahoo!Beauty about 80 year old body builder, Ernestine Shepherd. Below, we’ve listed a few of Ernestine’s keys to motivation:

  • Age is nothing but a number.” In addition to her mantra, “Determined, dedicated, disciplined to be fit,” Shepherd believes that “being out of shape as we age truly is merely an option – NOT a mandate!”
  • Eat clean. Shepherd sticks to a daily diet of 1,700 calories, which includes egg whites, chicken and vegetables. 
  • Do the same workout every day. In an interview with Oprah, Shepherd revealed, “I do the same thing day in and day out.” This daily routine includes a workout that begins at 3 or 4am with a 10-mile run.
  • Find what you like to do. The fitness trainer teaches classes of her own, but encourages people to exercise in whichever way they like. “Not everybody wants to be a body builder, not everybody wants to be a runner. But find what you like to do,” she told Oprah.
  • Have something that motivates you. Although Shepherd finds strength in prayer, she says she owes most of her motivation to her late sister.