Are you worried that the arrangements you've carefully put in place aren't enough to keep your loved one safe at home? Is your loved one up 10 times a night ... and now no one's getting any rest?

Not every older adult requires live in care, but many families could benefit from home care assistance. How do you know it's time, or what choices you have?

Read on to learn about signals and options for live-in and 24 hour home care, based on HouseWorks' two decades of experience providing live-in and 24 hour care solutions for seniors throughout Greater Boston and MetroWest Massachusetts areas.

3 Signs Your Loved One May Need Constant Care

1. Falls

If you're noticing an increased number of slips and falls, or notice that your loved one is frequently off balance, this might indicate a need for greater assistance.

Caregivers in the home can diminish the risk of falls and serious injury. They can help with mobility, offer a helping hand when Mom or Dad or a spouse gets up at night, or even assist with physical therapy to improve balance. 

2. Forgetfulness

Occasionally misplacing the car keys may be frustrating, but it's not typically a sign that Aunt Edna needs overnight care. If forgetfulness has become persistent, or if the lapses in memory are dramatic, then it's time to consult a professional -- and time to think about getting help to ensure supervision and safety.

3. Feeling overwhelmed

Mail piling up, unopened. Meals missed because making a full dinner "seemed like so much work." Calling adult children repeatedly to ask how and when a prescription is to be taken.

These are all signals that your elder loved one is feeling overwhelmed and might benefit from live-in care services.

It's not just seniors who can feel overwhelmed, of course. When family caregivers regularly are feeling tired, lonely or angry, it's hard to provide the quality care an elder deserves. Both of you would likely benefit from in home care services for a respite or on an ongoing basis.

3 Live-In Care and Overnight Care Options To Consider

If the signs say it's time for more constant care, in-home assisted living can be an appealing alternative to moving out of a familiar home. Or, if they are already in a senior community but need more one-to-one support, private home care services can be delivered on campus.

1. Live-In Caregivers

A great choice for those who sleep through the night and need mostly companionship and a helping hand. Work with a respected home care agency like HouseWorks to ensure continuity when the live-in caregiver goes off duty and to ensure overtime regulations are met.

2. Live-In Plus Overnight Care

If an elder is up sporadically throughout the night, overnight care services mean consistency for them, peace of mind for you.

3. 24 Hour Home Care

At HouseWorks, we meet the need for 24 hour care by creating and coordinating teams of skilled Caregivers -- at least two Caregivers per day, each filling a 12-hour shift. Steady communication means you don't have to chase anyone down.

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